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  You MUST! Be Very Careful when picking out a lottery system to use, as many systems being sold are shady or just plain useless systems that will do nothing to help increase your odds to win the lotto. One thing we have learned investigating various lottery systems, is how to look for red flags or signs that tell you if it is a GOOD system or A BAD useless system.

If the Lottery System is in the Best systems list, it means it has many legit good reviews, actual tests done with good results obtained, has no affiliates selling the system for commission, No fake photos of winners, cheques or lottery tickets, no false advertising or hype. 

If the lottery system is in the Bad systems list, it means one or more of these problems apply. To Many Bad Reviews, False Advertising, False Guarantee's, Proven Un-Effective, Scam or Listed as a Scam, Has Many Complaints, Fake Testimonials, Out Right Lies On Sales Page.

 All systems rated best out of 5 stars (*****)


 The BEST Reported Winning Lottery Systems

1-Lotto Guy Lottery System (Won Poll Votes as best system out of 15 top systems) (*****)

2-Smart Play Lotto Wheels (All wheels Verified and Proven, all have won lotteries)(****)

3-Gold Pyramid System (***) System now off the market do to owner passing away.

 The Somewhat OK Reported Lottery Systems

1- Gail Howards Systems Wheeling Systems (Has some legit good reviews)(**)


 The BAD or Useless Reported Lottery Systems

1- The Lotto blackBook (*)

2- Silver Lotto System (*)

3- Silver Lotto PRO (*)

4-Odds Reduction System (*)

5-Lottery Crusher Software (*)

6-Lottery Circle Prediction Software(*)

7-Lottery Variant System (*)

8-Lottery Audit Software (*)

9- Lottery Phenomenon (pure Scam)

10- Beat The Lotto (*)

11- Lotto Cash Machine (*)

12- Lotto Masta (*)

13- Winning Lotto (*)

14- Formula 1 Lotto System

15- Win The Lottery In Three Steps (Mark Bower Lottery System) (*)

16- Lottery Method (*)

17- The Winning System (*)

18- Lotto Master Formula (*)

19- Lottery Winning Formula (*)

20- Winning Lotto Strategies (*)

21- Lotto Strategies For Winners (*)

22- How To Win Pick 6 (*)

23- How To Win Pick 5 (*)

24- Exploit The Lottery And Win (*)

25- Chris Malcolm Lottery Systems (many systems under his name) (*)

26- Beat Lotto (*)

27- Win Lotto Systems (Has some good reviews)(*) We would like to point out the good reviews are coming from which is an affiliate seller of this system, so really the reviews are false!

28- Ultimate Lottery Package (*)

29- Lottery Destroyer (*)

 Lottery Systems Now Reported As Verified Shady Systems!

1- The Silver Lotto System (Seller Ken Silver)

2- The Lotto Black Book System (Seller Larry Blair)

3- Lotto Strategies For Winners (Richard Wilson) System Now Gone and Seller Charged With Fraud.

4- Mark Bower Lottery System

5- Lottery Phenonmenon

WARNING: We are receiving a huge amount of complaints against lottery system seller Ken Silver who sells Silver Lotto system. The complaints are about his Silver Lotto System as follows: Do Not Work As Advertised, No Guaranteed Refunds Being Honored, No Silver Lotto System Received At All, Credit Card Is Billed Over And Over Without Purchasers Permission, Cancelled Subscription For No Reason Without Any Refund. Ken Silver is now been labeled a misleading seller on many lottery system review sites and is listed on Scam Report Websites, Buyer Beware!

Here are a few legit reviews on his Silver Lotto System:

 Silver Lotto system Busted - Lottery News

 Silver Lotto System Review - Silver Lotto Exposed!


Lotto Guy Lottery System is the top winning system voted on by real users, if you are looking for their main websites there are two, Lotto Guy Lottery System and Lotto Guy Lottery System. If looking for any of the other top winning lottery system, just Google them they are easy to find.

 Before purchasing any lottery system, stop in and check out what we have to say about it, you could save your money and time by not making a purchase you will regret

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